Update on Reds


Well I thought that this one wasn’t working … when I peeked in earlier it looked like it could be dark… But look at that, its not… its great. The difference this time… just put the piece on the floor of the kiln. No shelf & no thin fire. The company thinks that thin fire uses up oxygen – needed for the reds… at least I didn’t have to have it open.

The other pieces in the big kiln they were on thin fire paper too.

Currently in the small kiln are 4 pieces. the white one from before with another two leaves – and put in vertically along the left. A translucent yellow on the floor. An opaque yellow on KL board stacked higher and a red cat previously fired black also vertical on the right wall.

Lets see what happens.

About alfeze1

Although computing has my way of life and has been for the past 30years or so my loves are; making things inc many arts and crafts, gardening, photography, birds and wildlife and the occasional bit of sport like skiing... or at least apres ski:-) We are also involved with the NWPG and the Kennet and Avon Canal Society and crew occasionally on the Rose of Hungerford. A canal boat that runs public trips to raise money for work on the Kennet & Avon Canal. In a few months I hope to leave behind computing, and devote myself to creation instead of just fixing. I will them start to publish on a more regular basis.
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